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Please read carefully these Terms of Use before accessing or making use of the content on the website. These Terms and Conditions oversee the access and use of the website www.provideofactory.com. This platform is owned and managed by Pro Video Factory Inc.The Terms of Use limit the Pro Video Factory responsibilities and can affect your personal rights.

By accessing the Website and using its content, you agree with the Terms and Conditions and you are bound by them while using the Website. If you are not accessing or using the website in your personal interest, you represent and guarantee that you have a contractual authority to confine another entity or employer to these Terms of Use. If that is not the case, or you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions, do not access or use the Website’s content.

Changes that may occur

Pro Video Factory has the right to change these Terms of Use at any time and without notice, from time to time. This is also valid for guidelines, policies, agreements and restrictions on the Website. You are to review periodically the Terms of Use and the guidelines, the policies, the agreements and restrictions published on the Website. Should you continue to access and use the Website after such changes are made, constitutes that you agree to the changes.

Pro Video Factory Content

Pro Video Factory constitutes an online store where various works are uploaded and may be downloaded by and licensed to the members of the Website. These include film and video footage, developed optically, digitally, electronically or by other means or in any media or other material. All the above, uploaded on the Website constituted the “Content”.

No Content can be downloaded or bought from the Website without the acceptance of the Pro Video Factory License Agreement by the entity or person doing so, because the License Agreement can be changed periodically. These changes makes all Content, downloaded or copied from the Website, subject to and the conditions and restrictions of the License Agreement, thus the Content can only be downloaded or used in this manner.

All the Content on the Website (which can be mentioned also as “Video Materials”), the copyrights and other intellectual property rights within the Website are or property and are protected by copyright, trademark and other intellectual property laws.

Any modification, derivative use, exploitation or distribution and public display of the Materials is strictly forbidden, unless you have entered a separate written agreement with us, and the above actions are permitted by said agreement. Copyright, watermarks or other intellectual property notice on any of the Materials should not be removed or modified.

We may also provide other services in connection with the Website, as e-mail notifications or information publication. We will ensure that such services are operating correctly and are free from malware. You agree to acquit Pro Video Factory for any damages arising out of your use of the Website, for the failure operation of services provided in connection to the Website. These services may include fees, but they will be clearly stated in the description and you will not be able to access these services without first approving the fees for such services.

Use of Website

The website serves as a service provider of an online store, offering storage of materials on our systems at the direction of the Pro Video Factory users. You will access and use the Website only in accordance with the Terms of Use and the official guidelines and restrictions on the Website.

You are forbidden to do any of the following on the Website:

Upload any content that is offensive, abusive, illegal, indecent or harassing

Conduct a fraudulent, criminal offence or unlawful activity e

Conduct any activity that contains software viruses, malware, commercial solicitation, mass mailing or any other form of “spam”

Make commercial use of the Website or any part of the Content, except as permitted by the License Agreement

Collect or use any of the Content descriptions, information or prices, with the exception of viewing and evaluating for purchasing of a license of the Content under the License Agreement

Use or download any information regarding the Content or other members for the benefit of another merchant or website

Use any data mining robots or similar gathering or extraction softwares on the Website

Use any meta tags or other “hidden texts” that use our names, information or Content without our written consent

Take any action that would cause a large load to our servers, or other infrastructure that would cause the Website to be interrupted, damaged o0r impaired in any way

Exploit the Content of the Website for commercial purposes without our express written consent

User’s Agreement

The user will agree that he/she will not share the user ID or password for the Website (“User Codes”), or information about the purchase of a license with any other person

The user will ensure the confidentiality of the User Codes

The user is responsible for all omissions that occur under any User Code

The user will immediately notify Pro Video Factory in the case of a lost or stolen User Code, or disclosure to a third party. This is also valid in the case of a possible unauthorised access to or use of the Website

The user agrees to subscribe to the newsletter and receive promotional information that is being delivered according to his preferences

Pro Video Factory can provide links or references to third party sites or services, including payment processors. Pro Video Factory has no control over such sites or services, and the use of the Website after agreeing to the Terms of Use signifies that you agree to the Website not being responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused by the connection of said services. All dealing with third party services are between the user and said service and Pro Video Factory can not be hold responsible for any claims that the user has against such sites.


Pro Video Factory may terminate or limit the access of any user to the use of the Website and can do so without any further notice. Also, it can eliminate or limit the access to any pre-paid or subscriptions without notice, should the user not comply to the Terms of Use or any other Agreement with Pro Video Factory. If Pro Video Factory terminates or limits the access of the User because of a breach of agreement, we will not be obligated to refund the User.

If this is the case, the user agrees to:

Stop using the Website, previews or thumbnails and all Content Information immediately

To return or destroy, at our request, all the copies of digital materials acquired through Pro Video Factory

To pay all amounts owed to Pro Video Factory

User Privacy

Pro Video Factory commits to protect all personal information and privacy of the site’s Users. The Privacy Policy covers all aspects of our practices, collection of information, use or disclose of personal information of the Users who visit the Website. If the User puts his/her personal information on the Website, he is consenting to that information being shared with us and our Subsidiaries, and processed in the course of our business. Please read the Privacy policy for further inquiries.

If you feel that your privacy rights, or those of a minor, are violated by the Content or Materials on the Website, please write an email to us at legal@provideofactory.com and please provide information regarding: the Material in question, how it violates the privacy rights and your personal details (including name, address, telephone and email)

Pro Video Factory, which stands for us, our directors, our stakeholders, our employees, partners and agents, will not be hold responsible to any person or entity for any damages, lost profits, costs or other losses under these Terms of Uses, arises after your or your partner’s use of the Website. The fees for our services are established with regards to these risk limitations set forth in these Terms of Use. The maximum liability of the Pro Video Factory parties, under these Terms of Use, shall be limited to an aggregate of 1 dollar or the amount set forth in the License Agreement.

Violation of rights

Pro Video Factory respects the intellectual property of all other parties and we kindly ask you to do the same. However, should you believe that your work has been copied in a way that constitutes copyright infringement you should notify us immediately. We will revise your notice and investigate the context of the infringement, under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. You must send a notification of infringement at our copyright agent, or directly at legal@provideofactory.com The notification must be comprehensive and include a description of said material and directions on how to find it, your complete personal information (name, email, telephone physical address) and also a complete statement that said material is used in an unauthorised manner). Please be advise, that if you knowingly make a false claim in an infringement notice, you will be subject to liability for damages, court costs or attorney fees.

By inputting your personal information on the Website and using the Content you agree to receive periodic communications from us, by e-mail. Any dispute regarding our Terms of Use will be resolved exclusively by a State or Court in Canada. The parties hereby consent to the jurisdiction of the court in case and will not speak to the inconvenience of said court. You agree to the fact that you are an individual of at least 18 years old and have the full right and authority to enter in these Terms of Use on your own.

These Terms of Use are in addition to the Pro Video Factory Purchasing Agreement, the Content License Agreement and the Privacy Policy and all the guidelines or restrictions on the Website

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these Terms of Use or our Website, please do not hesitate to contact us at legal@provideofactory.com

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